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About Oncue

There is a natural inefficiency in the NEPTS model where meeting a variable need (patient demands) with a fixed resource (your fleet) means you are potentially incurring additional costs, missing service KPIs or compromising on patient care

We call this The Efficiency Paradox. If you don’t have control over the delivery of the service, you naturally can’t control the cost. The more control you have, the better the care and the lower the cost.CQC registered and with a substantial fleet, OnCue partner with NHS Trusts, CCG’s and Private Ambulance Companies such as Falck UK and DHL Healthcare to provide a product that delivers a unique, fully qualified service level that provides patient and partners withpeace of mind and reassurance.

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Vision and Values

OnCue’s vision is to be recognized as a leader in our industry through our innovation and commitment to care for our patients, partners and employees.Our core business values are built around our C.A.R.E ethos:

Care Led

we are “patient first” using technology and training to drive service and care levels


we are adaptable with the flexibility to scale to meet the needs of our partners


a compliant and preventative solution, we are a NEPTS partner that both patients and partners can trust


we help control the delivery of service and reduce cost within the fluctuating need of NEPTS