two crew patient stretcher

OnCue Launches Two Person Crew Service

OnCue’s Ambulance fleet have expanded to offer our patients and partners Two-Person Crew Ambulances.

Our custom-built ambulances are operated by our Ambulance Care Assistants, providing an enhanced level of support and expertise to our patients with more complex medical and mobility needs, such as stretcher and bariatric capacity requirements.

The new service became operational in December 2023.

OnCue’s CEO Torsten Brose said: “We decided to launch two-person crew based on demand from our partner-base to provide the same care-led, compliant and flexible service that we have for single-crew, across a wider ranger of patient needs. We intend to scale this new service rapidly in 2024 with additional vehicles set to arrive every month, this along with our business model will provide our partners with the most cost-effective, flexible and scalable two-person crew in the marketplace”.

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